Bromley Communications | Creative Consulting
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Social Media, Press Campaigns, E-marketing, & Business Consulting

We have worked with a number of companies and individuals to help them start, improve, or expand a brand, project or business. As such, we are ready to assist you with:

Social Media Growth

We have helped several of our clients start or grow their Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook accounts. One of our clients now has 450k IG followers. In fact, a member of our team has written and published the pre-eminent scholarly article on growing an Instagram account using IG’s native growth mechanisms.

PR Campaigns

From press releases and brand awareness articles to media stunts and viral campaigns, we have crafted a variety of written and graphic mechanisms to help our clients develop a broader publicity reach. Our press campaigns have resulted in 1,000s of articles for our clients worldwide. And twice we’ve had one of our press releases used as the basis for a joke in the opening monologue on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Website E-Marketing Programs

We were innovators in helping websites create E-newsletter systems to market products and services to their visitors. Some of the sites we worked with now have millions of subscribers and see double sales figures on the days they send out E-newsletters. Setting up a double opt-in E-newsletter system through your website using a platform like Aweber is one of the best ways to capitalize on traffic and retain customer loyalty.

Organizational Inception/Transformation

Several clients have come to us seeking to rethink how to start a new business, market a product, or restructure an existing business. Often this is done in tandem with a new website, a marketing plan, or an organizational strategy shift. In all cases we listen, advise, and collaborate on implementation using our experience and industry analytics to craft the ideal approach.